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New Feature Gallery

Integrated Visualization now available

Filter Comments

Every filter has a comment area that can be used to document the filter's use or why certain parameter values were selected.

Favorite Filters

Filters that are used often can be added to a favorites list for quick access

Pinned Parameters

For longer pipelines where the user wants to adjust specific parameters they can be pinned and will show up in the separate widget (in addition to their original filter). This can be useful when iterating on a pipeline's parameters. In the screen shot below the "Data Thresholds" parameter from the "Multi-Threshold Objects" filter has been pinned. This allows the user to easily access the values and quickly rerun the pipeline with those new parameters.

Filter Tags

Filters now have additional meta-data that is used when searching for a filter. Filter tags can be edited by the user and the tags are saved across sessions.

DataStructure View Search/Filter

The DataStructure view can be filtered by typing in the search field.

Before Searching After Searching