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DREAM.3D NX Version (7.0.0 RC-9)

BlueQuartz Software is currently completely rewriting the DREAM.3D application and its underlying libraries. BlueQuartz Software is making trial versions of DREAM3D-NX available to any user who would like to take the brand new version out for a spin. There are some missing features in this verison as compared to version 6.x of DREAM.3D.

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DREAM.3D 6.5 Help
DREAM3D-NX Reference Manual
DREAM3D-NX Python Bindings

New Features

Integrated Visualization now available

Filter Comments

Every filter has a comment area that can be used to document the filter's use or why certain parameter values were selected.

Favorite Filters

Filters that are used often can be added to a favorites list for quick access

Pinned Parameters

For longer pipelines where the user wants to adjust specific parameters they can be pinned and will show up in the separate widget (in addition to their original filter). This can be useful when iterating on a pipeline's parameters. In the screen shot below the "Data Thresholds" parameter from the "Multi-Threshold Objects" filter has been pinned. This allows the user to easily access the values and quickly rerun the pipeline with those new parameters.

Filter Tags

Filters now have additional meta-data that is used when searching for a filter. Filter tags can be edited by the user and the tags are saved across sessions.

DataStructure View Search/Filter

The DataStructure view can be filtered by typing in the search field.

Before Searching After Searching

Updated Features

  • Approximately 240 filters from DREAM3D version 6.x have been updated to work with this version
  • Bookmarks for pipelines

Known Issues

  • Some user interface interactions may not work, most notably undo/redo support has not been added yet.
  • Missing synthetic building filters (StatsGenerator and it's friends)
  • Over 60 of the ITK wrapped filters are available.
  • Rarely used filters from previous DREAM.3D version 6.5/6.6 (See this page)

Funding Sources

DREAM.3D NX is currently under development through DoD funding. If you are a US Government employee you are entitled to the full version of DREAM.3D NX. For the larger community we are making a feature limited version of DREAM.3D NX available for non-commercial use. Any other use of DREAM.3D NX should seek an apppropriate license from BlueQuartz Software (more information coming soon on pricing).

Funding Source
AFRL DREAM.3D NX was made possible through a US DoD SBIR Phase I, Phase II and OpenBAA contracts through AFWERX and AFRL.

Features of DREAM3D-NX

DREAM.3D consists of data analysis tools (Filters) that allow for the construction of customized workflows (Pipelines) to analyze data. DREAM.3D provides a flexible and extensible data structure that eases data transport between collaborators by storing data in a non-proprietary format.

DREAM.3D makes the reconstruction of 3D data simple and straight forward. The development of additional features is ongoing and the DREAM.3D development team welcomes your feedback whether you are a first time user or seasoned user.

  • 3D Reconstruction of EBSD data from EDAX (.ang), Oxford (.ctf) and Bruker (.ctf) data files. The reconstructions can utilize an array of alignment, cleaning, segmentation algorithms and coloring algorithms.
  • Many options to import and export various file formats
  • Many algorithms are available to extract various statistics about your data
  • Many filters from the image processing library ITK

Open Source base library

DREAM.3D NX is built from multiple repositories, some open, some private. The base library and all of the the filters themselves are open source and can be found at:

The user interface is currently under going development and the license model has not been decided upon.

Citing DREAM.3D NX in Publications

Users wishing to cite DREAM.3D in their research publications are referred to for the proper citations.