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DREAM3D-NX Version (7.0.0 RC-12)

DREAM3D-NX consists of data analysis tools (Filters) that allow for the construction of customized workflows (Pipelines) to analyze data. DREAM3D-NX provides a flexible and extensible data structure that eases data transport between collaborators by storing data in a non-proprietary format within an HDF5 file. DREAM3D-NX is a complete rewrite of the now legacy DREAM.3D. During the "RC" (Release Candidate) stage, BlueQuartz Software is currently making 60 day trial versions of DREAM3D-NX available at no cost to the community to gather feedback.

Integrated Visualization Now Available in DREAM3D-NX

DREAM3D-NX is used in a wide variety of use cases from basic EBSD analysis to advanced 3D microstructure reconstruction. DREAM3D-NX is capable of importing a wide variety of scientific and instrument data. With the new visualization capabilities built into DREAM3D-NX it is easier than ever to analyze and explore your data. There are over 240 discrete filters that are available to the user.

DREAM3D-NX with integrated visualization

Feature Highlights

  • Visualization

    2D/3D Visualization based on VTK library
  • 3D Reconstruction

    Reconstruct 3D Microstructures from serial sectioning experiments
  • Microstructure Statistics

    Compute a wide range of microstructure statistics
  • Data Import & Export

    Import and Export a wide variety of standard and OEM data files
  • Image Processing

    75 algorithms from the ITK library
  • Python Integration

    Available Anaconda distribution
  • DREAM3D-NX User Manual

    View and search the DREAM3D-NX documentation

    View Now

  • Python Documentation

    Build your own DREAM3D-NX filters or access every DREAM3D-NX filter through python.

    Learn How

  • Legacy DREAM.3D 6.5 Help

    View the user manual from DREAM.3D Version 6.5 View Now

Known Issues

  • Some user interface interactions may not work, most notably undo/redo support has not been added yet.
  • The synthetic building filters (StatsGenerator and it's friends) are currently not available.
  • Rarely used filters from previous DREAM.3D version 6.5/6.6 (See this page) are missing.

Funding Sources

DREAM3D-NX is currently under development through DoD funding. If you are a US Government employee you are entitled to the full version of DREAM3D-NX. For the larger community we are making a feature limited version of DREAM3D-NX available for non-commercial use. Any other use of DREAM3D-NX should seek an apppropriate license from BlueQuartz Software (more information coming soon on pricing).

Funding Source
AFRL DREAM3D-NX was made possible through a US DoD SBIR Phase I, Phase II and OpenBAA contracts through AFWERX and AFRL.

Open Source base library

DREAM3D-NX is built from multiple repositories, some open, some private. The base library and all of the the filters themselves are open source and can be found at:

The user interface is currently under going development and the license model has not been decided upon and therefor is a private repository.

Citing DREAM3D-NX in Publications

Users wishing to cite DREAM3D-NX in their research publications are referred to for the proper citations.