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Providing Feedback to BlueQuartz Software

The continued support of DREAM3D-NX development is dependent on a thriving community as a way to show high uptake to the funding agencies.

Discussing DREAM3D-NX and Providing us your feedback

Please use this page to ask questions and give feedback about DREAM3D-NX. Questions can be about anything related to DREAM3D-NX such as basic usage or how to solve a problem using DREAM3D-NX.

Submitting Issues

We are hoping to gain valuable feedback in all aspects DREAM3D-NX. We would like to strongly encourage users who encounter issues when running DREAMD-NX to please submit issues here. We also encourage you to submit suggestions for missing filters to be ported from the previous version of DREAM.3D. Please include your operating system and version of DREAM3D-NX that you are currently using

Being part of the DREAM.3D Beta trial period

If you would like to try out the new version, please download from the "Prebuilt Binaries" link provided at the top of the page. We will attempt to post new builds on an every other month basis. Each beta version will expire 60 days from the date of release.

Important Beta Notes