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Precompiled Binaries

The current version is 7.0.0-RC-12 and is available in prebuilt binaries for MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. BlueQuartz Software plans to release regular release candidate versions of DREAM3D-NX in order to gather user feedback about the software. Each version will be runnable for approximately 60 days from date of release. Please update regularly in order to get the latest bug fixes.

Known Issues with RC-12

  • This update breaks a lot of pipelines (and python codes if you were an early adopter). Warnings are emitted in the user interface if you load a pipeline that does not define the proper filter parameter keys. A suggestion is listed for each warning that should be close to the correct change but isn't always correct. The user should make a back up of their pipeline before hand editing the pipeline in a text editor.
  • Long visualization operations can lock up the GUI. Please be patient for those operations to end.

Please Give Us Your Feedback

Download the Binaries